10 Best Home Business Ideas – Using The Internet

It’s a fact of life that most people need a bit of extra income in their lives.

A look at 10 best home business ideas

Most families require two incomes just to keep afloat, let alone afford the luxuries such as a holiday or running a second car.

For moms staying at home and raising a family, or even retirees looking to supplement their pension income, their thoughts often turn towards a home business.

Before the internet became mainstream, the only way to earn extra money was to source local work, which was usually manual labor such as washing cars, delivering leaflets, shoveling snow, domestic services, gardening etc.

The internet has thrown up so many more opportunities, and not only locally but worldwide.

While there are countless ways to start a second income business from home, many folk just struggle to find the ideas.

With that in mind, I’m going to wet your whistle with 10 best home business ideas. And you don’t have to leave your chair….

1.) Online Surveys.

There are many third party survey companies who’s sole aim is to provide feedback to their clients on what customers really think about their products and services.

Payment is often accrued on a points system allowing you to then redeem the points for vouchers, money and gift cards.

Surveys can take from a few minutes to an hour or more, and fees can be from a few cents for a very quick opinion that might take you 5-minutes to around $30 for a much more in depth survey.

You need to check a few survey sites out and do some research as to feedback and scams as many have been known to be poor payers, or not paid out at all in the past.

However, a good place to start might be mysurvey(dot)com. They are known to have paid out in excess of $32 million to active members world-wide, so it’s worth checking out.

2.) Mystery Shopper.

So while not totally completed on line, is does involve receiving your instruction and submitting your findings on line.

The beauty of this gig is that it gets you out and about and noting things in store such as layout, friendliness of staff, signage or anything else the client requires feedback on.

As well as getting paid, often you get to keep some goods you’ve been paid to purchase.

There are many mystery shopper service companies out there. Some are country specific, others operate globally.

Again it’s a matter of checking some out and seeking reviews. However, a good starting point might be secretshopper(dot)com.

There’s good and regular money to be made with this side hustle doing something that you probably do subconsciously every day…

3.) Paid to Watch YouTube Videos.

Maybe you’re a YouTube addict, many people are. In fact not only are thousands of videos a day uploaded to YouTube, but millions are watched while we are unconsciously being advertised to.

Whether you upload videos yourself or not, you can now actually get paid to watch videos.

You can watch, share and rate videos, plus interact with the ads, all while getting paid.

Check out Paid2YouTube (dot) com

This has to be the laziest way to earn extra cash for something that you love doing anyway.

4.) Personal Shopper for Other People.

At the moment this is very much a location restricted opportunity, but it’s still worth checking out as its reach is going to spread.

Cash rich and time poor folk are paying people up to $25.00 per hour to do their online shopping.

For the shopaholics out there, this must be the perfect opportunity.

Currently it’s restricted to a few areas in the U. S such as Los Angeles, Washington and Philadelphia, but it is expanding.

However, it’s worth checking out at Cashbackholic(dot)com

5.) Test Websites.

If you enjoy surfing the web then I’m sure you’d find it a complete doddle to visit and test websites.

You’d be carrying out tasks such as reviewing the usability and friendliness of the site, testing ads and links, checking search functions and whatever else may be on the check list.

Fees can be from $5 upwards for simple tasks, and a good place to start would be startuplift(dot)com.

6.) Online Virtual Assistant.

Just like being a real assistant or PA, but you only do online work.

This can be stuff like data entering and typing. However, it’s really popular within the online marketing sector such as SEO, content writing, social media updating etc.

To get an idea of what’s going on I suggest you visit problogger(dot)com.

7.) Content Writer.

If you’re reasonably proficient at writing, or have particular knowledge at something (everybody knows something about something), then you could try your hand at content writing.

There are millions of websites out there, and all in need of content.

Try contacting some directly within the field of your knowledge offering your expertise and writing services.

Alternatively, set up shop at online gig sites such as Fiverr, or Odesk where there is a plentiful supply of incoming inquiries.

8.) Online Tutoring.

Again, along the lines of specialized knowledge. Do you have skills or knowledge that others want to learn about?

Maybe you play the guitar, or other musical instrument that you could teach people on a blog or membership website.

Getting started with sort of web business is now easier than it’s ever been.

However, it’s always a good idea to have a mentor to get you set up and started the correct way to run your online venture.

9.) Reviewing Apps.

If you love using your phone or mobile devices then you might enjoy reviewing and testing some thousands of mobile apps that are being developed every week.

People and companies are going crazy for apps and app development.

However, they need testing on all sorts of different devices and platforms to make sure they work smoothly in the outside world.

Check out usertesting(dot)com to discover more on this super little gig.

Be wary though, there’s quite a few scam sites. And remember, they should be paying you so don’t sign up to anywhere that asks for a registration fee.

10.) Affiliate Marketer.

This is the ultimate way to make money with a home based business.

Essentially with affiliate marketing you will make sales promoting other people’s goods and services on your website, promoting to your customer list or on social media platforms if that’s your thing.

You don’t hold any stock or deal with customer complaints or returns. That’s all done by the product owner.

Your job is to act as an introducer of the product to a group of interested people (the niche), and you are paid a commission per sale.

This can be anywhere from 4% to 75% of the sale price depending on who or what you are promoting.

It does take a bit of setting up and getting started, but it’s a great feeling when you start to make your first $100 dollar pay days and it keeps rolling from there!

To Sum Up.

My suggestions are by no means the only ones you should consider. There are literally thousands of opportunities and ways to generate small income streams on line.

It just goes to show how the world is changing. The global reach of the internet allows us to reach out to people we never previously had access to and share our interests.

There are countless millions of users on the worldwide web, generating billions of dollars in sales and commissions daily, and we are all connected to each other.

Do you think you could cream off a tiny scraping of the money generated? I’m sure you could.

After all, how much extra would you need to earn to make a difference to your current situation?

$50 dollars a day, $100, $200???

It’s such a tiny amount of the billions generated that you couldn’t even class it as a drop in the ocean, yet it would change your life in so many ways.

It’s easy to grab your own little share. Let me show you how >>> Work With Paul.

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3 thoughts on “10 Best Home Business Ideas – Using The Internet”

  1. I agree that most families need a second income but it’s finding something that you can combine with home life.
    It’s just not practical to be out working all day then out again half the night.

    You’ve given some good ideas here. I’m going to look further into work at home opportunities.

    I like the sound of this Wealthy Affiliate program to.

    Andreas. (Netherlands)

  2. Definitely agree that families need extra income but it just doesn’t work out when you’re out working all day and then half the night as well.

    This article has flagged up so many points it’s got my mind racing.

    I’m going to look into this WA platform definitely.




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