What is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners

A common question that’s asked by all new internet marketing newbies is what is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners?


And really it’s the wrong place to start because the whole process of earning money on line starts with you…What can you as an a start-up entrepreneur bring to the table?


And by that I mean what’s your passion, your interests, your experience?…In other words, what do you want to sell?


There’s affiliate programs everywhere, from brain supplements to helicopter hire, but you have to start off with a chosen market or niche.


Niche Marketing e-bookOnce you’ve got your niche sorted out, and hopefully that will be one you are passionate about and have a bit of knowledge on, then you can look for your affiliate offers and start building your online presence.


A good place to start is by choosing a domain name that fits nicely within your niche. This handy tool from one of my favorite online training and affiliate programs Wealthy Affiliate, allows you to check domain availability when hosting your free websites on their platform. Simply tap your suggestion in and see if its available.



In fact Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to start with as you can earn while you learn with their affiliate program. Not only that, you can access their platform for ZERO cost and build and host two websites totally free of charge while you’re getting it all worked out.

You can see my full and frank review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE… 


Moving on from there, the biggest source of online affiliate programs can be found on ClickBank.com.


Clickbank market placeClickBank deals in a huge diverse range of markets and all their affiliate products are downloadable. simply sign up for a free merchant account and then you can view their marketplace.


ClickBank will deal with all commissions payable to you (in most cases up to 75% of the value of the product), customer service and requested refunds. All you have to do as an affiliate is choose your products and promote them on your website or through social media.


Other affiliate sites include JVzoo.com, Commission Junction and Warrior+. There are literally hundreds more and a simple Google search of the top affiliate sites to join will reveal many more..


So, what is the best affiliate marketing program for beginners? 


The answer is that there is no shortage, however it’s also something that I strongly suggest you don’t just jump into without any training as you can waste a lot of time and money stumbling over the hurdles and pit falls.


That’s why I strongly suggest to anybody, interested in any niche who wants to make money online to make their first port of call the Wealthy Affiliate platform.


Get yourself a Starter Account, it’s FREE. There’s no credit card required, no time constraints and no commitment to absolutely anything. You can grab their training and host two websites totally free while you’re learning the ropes… What could be better?


Online affiliate marketingHere’s my full and frank review… WA Review.

Here’s the direct link for a Starter Account… Start Now



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    • Yes, affiliate marketing is more straight forward than people think.

      The ones that succeed pick a great niche and are consistent with their efforts.

      Like with any business, there’s no magic bullet.


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