How Do I Earn Money From YouTube … The Reality!


How do I Earn money From YouTube?

The modern dilemma we have today is that the world is cash rich and time poor. There’s no shortage of money in the world but the dilemma for a lot of people is how do I grab my share and still have the time to enjoy life.

Many people are looking for a lifestyle where they can sit around half the day doing really cool stuff online working from home, and as a result often ask the question ” how do I earn money from YouTube?”

Making money on YouTube probably sounds like a dream job playing video games, recording makeup tutorials, doing goofy stuff, or whatever people like PewDiePies is famous for, and all while getting big money off YouTube right?How do I earn money from YouTube and blogging

Well contrary to popular belief, it’s not all a bed of roses, booze and dope that certain YouTubers would have you believe.

In fact to maintain a constant flow of top ranking and popular videos takes a lot of time and effort, making sure they are fully monetized and engaged to keep the Ad Dollars rolling in.

The Metrics

One of the most important activities -and one that most people fail at is keeping a tab on the daily metrics. Making money on YouTube is an important business, and just as important as running any other online marketing business if you want to keep earning the money.

Learn how to market online and earn money from YouTubeChecking the daily metrics to see how many people are viewing, how many have dropped away, what’s currently working and what isn’t can be a full time activity on top of the actual fun bit of creating quality content that engages your audience.

You can bet your life that millionaire YouTubers such as Daniel Middleton (The Diamond Mine Cart), Jenna Marbles and Evan Fong (Vanoss Gaming) don’t leave their metrics to chance. In fact they’ve probably worked really hard at it over the years to keep audiences coming back.


Popular Content is King

Like setting up and writing content for blogs, it helps if you set your channel up around something you are interested in, right? – Wrong

I might be interested in football cards from 1972 to 1979 (I’m not by the way), and there might be a healthy community for that sort of thing on blogs and eBay – in fact there probably is. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s right, interesting enough to do videos about and sufficiently large enough to attract millions of YouTube views, and that is what matters.

Therefore, you need to forget what you are interested in and research what YouTube viewers want to watch. Typically these are:

Product reviews (children’s toys are popular)Start an online business today. discover how to earn money from YouTube and other platforms

Shopping Purchases.

How To type videos.

Gaming Videos

Funny/comedy/ goofing about type videos

The key here is to get people visiting your videos in large numbers and setting yourself up as an authority figure that visitors will want to come back to. 

If you’re trying to turn content into a YouTube income, it’s all about giving viewers what they’re searching for. 

You need to be able to establish yourself as a voice that audiences in the arena you’re targeting can trust and rely on for sound advice and commentary. So, if you want to give product reviews or testimonials, you should be able to do so in a way that makes you authoritative and worth listening to. If you want to have a hair, nails and beauty channel for example, then you need to be good, look good and come across as professional..

But What If I Look Like a Goat?

This is tricky and I know it’s not very PC, but many of us have a face made for radio. (There it’s out in the open)

Thankfully however, what may be lacking in the viz department is often made up for with a sparkling and energetic personality. You just need to choose your topic.

If all fails on both accounts then I suggest you might consider hiring a stand in off Fiverr for example, or do audio whiteboard type videos instead.

Promote Yourself On Other Social Media

Don’t just rely on YouTube visitors to drive traffic to your videos. Just because you’ve recorded it doesn’t necessarily mean that visitors will flock to it.

You should also be actively engaging users on other platforms. Consider spending a little promotional money on Twitter and Facebook in particular where you’ll be able to target the demographics that your video is aimed at.

If it’s good enough and engaging then there’s a good chance it will be shared among your audience and go viral. However be warned, getting a video to go viral takes time, commitment and some money. So unless you get your dog and cat to sky-dive on a parachute from 2,000 feet then it’s unlikely to be an overnight hit.

To Adsense or Not- Should you Use It?

People fall over backwards to get Adsense set up on their YouTube account believing that the money will roll in when a video hits the big time. As Google only pay pennies on traffic clicking through then you shouldn’t spend an inordinate amount of time focusing on it.

Sure, set it up as it’s another income stream, but for the players advertising is not where the big money is.

The aim of your channel is to become big enough and authoritative enough that viewers seek you out and respond in their thousands each time you launch. In this way the promoters and brands will want to seek you out as well to do business.

It’s all about getting their brand and products in front of your visitors and followers.

It could be that you are a mad cycling enthusiast and have engagement with other cyclists from extreme trail cycling to river bank or cross country cycling.

With technology today you place a camera on your bike or on your head and record every trip you go on. Over time you might get approached by manufacturers of cycling apparel, action cameras, sports drinks etc, all keen to get you using and promoting their gear in front of your avid viewers.


Treat it like a business, and you stand a much better chance of it becoming one.

Turn Your Passion Into a Thriving Business. Discover ways to make a living online including how to earn money from youTubeUnderstand your metrics, observe how they are influenced with different styles of content and key words. Promote as much as you can on different platforms. Start a website and engage with a blog. If you don’t know how to do that the you can learn about it here for free, and even have your blog hosted for free where you can link your videos to. 

Then, with a strategy like that in place you’ll have the start of a successful YouTube empire.



Good luck and best wishes.


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  1. You-tube is great. I watch and use it all the time. I have yet to use it as a marketing tool but it’s only a matter of time. Videos are much more preferred as marketing tools. But I agree that you should market other ways such as social media. The bottom line is that your content is still what is important.

  2. This is great information. i always thought it was more difficult than the so called Guru’s make out.
    Thanks for being honest.

  3. Hello and thanks for sharing, how do I earn money on youtube. Youtube is a very popular site that has millions on people on it each day looking for information. But I also like about youtube and what I do at times is to go and learn a whole lot of neat stuff. Your post on youtube is reader friendly with tons of easy to follow information. I am sure that those who comes to your site will learn a lot. Thanks again for this awesome information.

    • Hey thanks Norman. Great to hear from you.

      I agree, as well as a great place to showcase your own expertise it’s an awesome place to learn from as well.

      I’ve learned really random stuff on YouTube from how to build websites to how to change the drive belt on my vacuum cleaner!

      Thanks for visiting and have a really good week.


  4. Hey there! I really enjoyed your article about how to earn money from youtube. Since high school I’m interested in making videos and posting it to youtube to be viral. Also I’m interested of earning money with youtube. But my problem is that I don’t know how it works. But after I read your article you gave me the ideas that I needed on how to earn money in youtube. Thank you for sharing this information.

    • John. My pleasure.

      YouTube has proved itself time and again to make people a great income on line.

      Once you have mastered the basics then it’s all down to consistency and developing your skills.

      Good luck



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