How to Build a Niche Website – Week 2

Week 2 – How to build a niche website –

Moving on in our 4-part video training on how to build a niche website, we are now into week 2.

This training is how to build a website that will start earning you money virtually from day 1.

If you missed week 1, you can view it HERE. I suggest you do this first and then come back to week 2.


Part 1

So in week 1 we learned how to:-

Research a niche and keywords associated with that niche.

Research affiliate programs and the competition surrounding a program.

A live niche selection and set up.

The best way to purchase an appropriate domain name for our website.


Part 2

As we move onto part 2 of the series, we will be looking at and discovering how to:-

Build the core elements of the site.

Add the Google elements (analytics and search console)

Adding core content to the site.

In addition, there will be a recap of Part 1, plus additional things you can do in between that will take only minutes but are essential to your Google rankings.


Access Lesson 2 Here.

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