How to Change a WordPress Theme


When I first started with WordPress back in 2010 there was a very limited choice of themes, mostly developed by WordPress and it seemed that they only introduced a new one each year. (2010 theme, 2011 theme, 2012 theme, etc. etc.)

Boring – Boring – Boring

They were solid, safe and yes, very – very boring. Back then they were just Blog Sites for people to record their stories and impart information. There was very little in the way of fancy image boxes, videos, widgets, headers or plugins that would turn these core sites into anything exciting such as e-commerce sites, landing pages or wonderful looking full blown websites.

Now of course things are completely different. We have access to thousands of themes that look amazing, interact beautifully with all sorts of plugins and allow us effectively to run highly profitable web properties online which not only create an income, but can become an asset.

Now, here’s the dilemma for a lot of website owners.

Things are changing, and websites need to keep up.

For example recent changes by Google mean that websites need to be secure (SSL) or else they will be marked as unsecured by Google and effectively frozen out. If your website is still loading as http:// rather than https:// then you will be displayed as unsafe by Google.

If you’re not sure what I mean then I have some great training on the very subject which you can view here >>>


Switching from HTTP:// to HTTPS://


Another good reason for needing to change your theme might be because your old theme is not designed for viewing on mobile devices.

Mobile optimised websites are big business at the moment. people want to access information immediately, and with mobile phones and devices becoming more and more powerful, it’s the people’s choice of accessing information.

Sure, websites don’t look as good as they would on a desktop or laptop computer, and they’re certainly more difficult to navigate on a small mobile device, but that’s just the way accessing the internet is going.

But getting back to the task of swapping themes, there are reasons why you should and reasons why you shouldn’t swap your themes over. Also there are some very definite things that you need to do before diving in and switching themes.

Will I crash my site?

What you don’t want to find is that you’ve switched over to a theme that isn’t compatible with all your links, widgets and images, leaving you with a website full of plain text!

In this training video we discuss all the do’s, don’ts and essentials to allow you to safely, securely and easily swap your theme over.

Access the training Here >> How To Change a WordPress Theme


How to change a WordPress Theme


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