Make Money Blogging Online

The Power of Blogging to Make Money Online.


If you want to keep hold of your customers and develop a fresh daily stream of visitors to your website, blogging is highly recommended.


It may seem like a lot of work churning out fresh, unique content on a regular basis, but its long-term benMake money bloggingefits can be a goldmine of affiliate sales and advertising revenue, which definitely means you can make money blogging online!


So how can blogging drive traffic and make money?


Blogging is a powerful marketing tool, both for attracting new customers and for keeping existing ones.


At it’s core it involves writing useful, interesting content that people are searching for by identifying keyword phrases and posting it to your blog on a consistent basis.


Try putting your own keyword ideas in the box below and see what ideas it throws out.




The key point to remember with blogging is that it’s more personal than other types of content.



The voice you use and the messages you put out should be conversational and unique to you. This will help to give your brand a more personal, human touch which will lead to both loyal followers wanting to hear what you have to say next, plus an ever growing stream of new fresh visitors.

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Eventually, this will lead to you becoming a brand and possibly having a very sale-able asset.


Of course, this only works if you are producing the right type of content. In order to do this, you need to put yourself in the mind of your reader.


So what are your readers most likely looking for?

If you own a real estate website for example, what would be the most common questions readers would ask?


Some ideas for blog posts that customers would find useful might include information on mortgages, rental tips, industry specific news that affects their decision to rent or buy, or even DIY tips such as how to switch off the water in an emergency.


If the blogs you post are helpful and informative, the reader is going to keep coming back. Therefore it’s really important you release content on a frequent basis in order to keep your readers engaged.


If you wait months between posts, your readers are going to forget all about you and will be unlikely to return.


Overall, blogging when done correctly, is one of the most effective ways of generating customer loyalty, and it’s gaining in popularity each year.


getting advice on business decisions

Therefore, if you aren’t currently utilizing this marketing channel, now is definitely the time to do so.


Over time you’ll be surprised just how much of a difference it makes to both reader retention, new customer attraction and revenue.


Closing Thoughts.


So just to give some meaning to this, let’s do a little math.


Not everybody has time to write a unique article everyday, I totally get that.


But if you want to take this seriously, we’ll base this example on writing 3 blog posts per week. (12 per month). This should be achievable for most people, even if you’re working full time.


On average, a website that is starting to get noticed by Google and the other search engines will typically receive 5 visitors to a post per day. And this is looking on the conservative side.


Week 1 Potential Traffic. – 3-posts x 5 visitors daily = 15 visitors per day or 450 visitors per month.


Month 1 Potential Traffic. – 4-weeks = 12 posts. Average traffic per post 5 = 60 per day or 1800 potential visitors per month.


Lets say you kept this up to the 3-month stage. Now you have 36 posts on line so you could typically be looking at 180 visitors per day, or 5400 visitors each month.


Leaping forward a little, that’s 10,800 visitors per month at 6 months, and by the time 12 months is up you could potentially be looking at average monthly traffic to your site of almost a whopping 22,000 visitors!


And as your site gains trust and authority with Google through your interaction with reader comments and feedback, this number could potentially explode!


Just imagine if you monetized that site, even with simple Google Adwords. How many of those 22000 visitors would click on the ads either out of curiosity or unintentionally?Relaxing wealthy lifestyle


A lot, I can tell you.


And that is how you make money blogging online while providing your visitors with useful content and living life on your own terms.


Discover how to get started with blogging totally free.


Thank you for reading, and as usual I welcome your comments and feedback below.



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    • Realistically there is no magic bullet. However, with constant effort and approached the correct way you will see good organic traffic start flowing to your blog within about 3 months.

      However, like anything else it helps to know how to do it properly and learn the correct methods.

      You can find that information for FREE Here >>> Start your own profitable blog


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