Promote Your YouTube Video

How to promote your YouTube video is something that all would-be and Pro-marketers really need to understand.

Want to learn the best way to promote your YouTube video?

Everybody wants to be on the front page of Google with their web sites, posts and pages. It’s pointless to think otherwise.

As YouTube actually belongs to Google, it stands to reason that Google would favor your website if it had a YouTube video embedded into it with a link back to YouTube.Video Training on how to promote your YouTube Video

Similarly, if you had your own channel at YouTube with your website link embedded into the channel description, then you have a link from YouTube back to your site.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

It’s a two-way street and reciprocal. In the eyes of Google you are providing quality information on your website even though the end goal is to promote your YouTube video.

The fact is the video keeps people on your website longer and gives your page a Google boost

In return, YouTube (Google) is providing you with a very powerful link back to your website, plus high rankings in the search results for your video keywords.

What could be better? It’s a very powerful ranking metric that will boost your search engine results right to the top of Page 1.

How to promote your YouTube video…

How to use YouTube correctlyAt we have some very powerful training that will teach you exactly, and step Рby Рstep how to promote your YouTube videos to maximise search engine results, traffic and ultimately sales.

And that really is what it’s all about…

In this training, you will learn….

Why you should use YouTube.

What kind of videos you can make.

How to upload videos onto YouTube the correct way.

How to market videos on YouTube the correct way.

The 3-main types of videos you can make, plus the software to make them.

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How to promote your YouTube Videos

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  1. This is great training and great advice. I never realised the strong connection that video from YouTube has with getting pages and posts ranked.

    Thanks for this.



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