How to rank a website in the search engines

It’s a popular belief among website owners that all you have to do is build it to rank a website in the search engines.

As many frustrated website owners and content creators will tell you, there’s more to writing a great post that actually gets traffic than people think.

So what’s the secret?

How to rank a website in the search engines?


There’s no big secret to getting a website, page or post ranking in Google or ranking in any of the other search engines.

In fact, the biggest mistake or myth that would be online entrepreneurs believe is that Websites rank in the search engines.

Websites don’t rank… It’s individual web pages and posts that rank with the search engines… Or to be more precise, the key words or phrases that are on that page or post.

The whole secret behind ranking any page or post on the search engines is purely down to having a system and applying it to every page or post you produce.


The great success myth.

People think there is a magic bullet to success on line. And to be honest, this myth has been fostered and upheld by the Guru’s for years.


Because it suits them to have unsuspecting newbie’s believing that they’ve got to keep searching for the silver bullet or magic WordPress plugin that will finally lead them to a pot of gold with zero work.

The Guru’s make a lot of money out of this myth. And I mean a lot!

Truth is, you don’t need to scam people by pretending to be another success coach to have a great online business.

You simply need to work on what interests you, be persistent in your efforts and have a system that you apply consistently.Relaxing wealthy lifestyle

It’s really no different than the effort involved in any real world business. It’s just a lot cheaper to do and you can do it from anywhere in the world!

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4 thoughts on “How to rank a website in the search engines”

  1. The website and its resources are amazing. I’ve had loads of really useful information that I’ve applied to my own business.

    This training is another one of those examples.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Yes it does work and very effectively.
      It’s all about giving Google the information it requires to assess if your post or page is a good and relevant source of information for its users.


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