What Are The Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches Now?

Recently I received a message from one of the readers here at OneNetBiz asking the popular question, What Are The Most Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niches?

After I replied, I thought it might be a good idea to blog about it as well. That way everybody can get benefit from the question.

It’s not a straight forward question to answer though, as every niche has the potential to be profitable if it has enough buyer traffic and quality products to sell.

However, there are certain “Evergreen” niches that are profitable today, have always been popular and profitable, and will always be profitable in the future.

So in this post let’s take a look at some of those evergreen niches and see how affiliate marketers benefit from them.

Here’s what we are going to discover today….

My Top 3 Evergreen Market Choices.

Why They Work So Well

Examples of Smoking Hot Niches Within These Markets

So with that, lets get started

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Evergreen Market Choice 1.


The health market typically includes niches such as diets, weight loss, weight gain, embarrassing body issues, quit smoking, alcoholism and all types of medical issues and addictions.

Reports are that the health and wellness industry will be worth over $1 trillion dollars.

Even Smart Drugs for brain function is also currently worth over $1 trillion, with Diabetes.org reporting that over $322 billion is spent just in America alone on treatment and research every year.

And while I don’t expect you to get into promoting brain cures or diabetes treatment, with a $1 Trillion dollar pie sloshing around in other health, wellness products and services, don’t you think you could take just a tiny morsel of that 1 Trillion and make yourself some serious money?

All I’m saying is there’s a lot of money around for the taking, all you have to do is be willing to reach out to the people who are constantly looking for information and cures.

juicy red apple with a tape measure wrapped around it

The niches in health will never slow down as people are always looking for the next best thing for fat loss, health improvement and much more.

And there are more good reasons to be in the health niche

The main reason being a ton of products to promote that will pay you very well indeed.

From Ebay, to AWIN, to Commission Junction to Clickbank. There are hundreds of companies promoting thousands of products in the health niche.

Plus, we haven’t even got started on the range of bread and butter products you can sell through Amazon and earn commissions.

The health niche is a massive market where people aren’t afraid to spend, and they will spend big!

Not only that, a lot of the products are in there hundreds or even thousands. Think of running machines or vibration plates. Plus where supplements are involved, it’s also a repeat market.

Once people start buying this stuff, they rarely stop, all which means free repeat business for you…

Evergreen Market Choice 2.

So What About the MONEY Niches?

Wealth covers Internet Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Multi Level Marketing, Biz Ops, Forex, Gambling, Careers, just to name a few.

The global e-commerce industry is stated to be worth over £22 trillion dollars, with Forex on its own trading at over $5 trillion dollars per day!

These are huge numbers and of course these markets can be very lucrative. You only need a tiny slice of the online business pie to make yourself a very nice living indeed…

And Look At These Other Niche Ideas…

Image of a laptop screen open at a marketing page

Amazon Affiliates program. (Sell anything of your choice and get paid a commission)

Internet marketing for beginners

Affiliate marketing for people over 50

How to make money blogging for beginners

Reasons to get involved in the money niche.

The money and wealth niche require people to purchase products and information which can range anywhere from a few dollars on Warrior Plus to hundreds and often thousands of dollars on high ticket training and membership sites.

People are always looking for ways to make extra money, money on the side, fast money, or money to replace their full time job. People will never stop looking for ways to make money.

And that means it is a true evergreen niche. One that will keep going forever.

Evergreen Market Choice 3.

The Online Dating Niche

The online dating niche covers people from all walks of life and all ages.

Attracting love and romance is huge business.

After-all, it’s one of the most fundamental requirements of humans.

Finding a partner is programmed deep into our make up and psyche, so it’s difficult to get away from.

Without realizing it, often we are searching for:-

People of the opposite sex,

People of the same sex,

Ways of getting your ex back,

Ways of finding a husband/wife,

Seniors looking for love and companionship,

Young shy people looking for a first date.

A pair of goats who look like they are in love

Even if you look like a goat, there’s still somebody out there searching for you.

Again, this niche is evergreen because people will not stop looking for that soul mate.

Other Areas to Consider

Other areas to consider within the love, romance, dating niche are:

Marriage counselling.

Dating for divorced men

Dating for divorced women

How to attract women

Dating for busy executives

Dating on a limited budget.

Dating for over 40s, over 50s etc

Dating for octogenarians.

The list of people to target can be pretty limitless, so plenty to go at with this niche.

You could choose any one of these niches and make long term serious money!

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More examples of this market would be –

Increasing sex drive

Joint and arthritic pain

Gluten free recipes

Cellulite treatment

Erectile problems

Weight loss to conceive

The list is potentially endless. As long as people have health worries, there will be a need to fulfil, and an income revenue.

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