Best After Retirement Business Ideas – And Some of the Worst

It doesn’t matter how old you currently are, it’s proving more and more difficult to switch careers, or start an entirely new one, especially as you approach retirement. Increasing numbers of the Baby Boom generation are reaching retirement, but unfortunately the economy is struggling to supply a plentiful choice of opportunities, especially for those who … Read more

Small Business Ideas For Women Over 50

For women over 50 the idea of getting out of the rat race and setting up a small business can be very appealing. The same can also be said of a woman who has dedicated her life to raising a family and now finds she has time on her side to consider opportunities Then there’s … Read more

How to Find a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche – 5 Top Problem Niches.

Welcome back… Further to the last training on how to find a profitable affiliate marketing niche (5-Top Passion Niches), in this training we are going to look a 5 more top Evergreen Niches, but this time in the Pain or Problem markets. We discussed how you go about qualifying a Profitable Affiliate Niche Market, the … Read more

Selecting a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche-5 Top Passion Niches

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At OneNetBiz I’m often posed with the question ‘What’s the best way of selecting a profitable affiliate marketing niche?’ It’s a common question that’s asked by newcomers to the industry and people who have been at it a while. I see it asked on forums and at WA where I’m an active member. I understand … Read more