How to Build a Niche Website – Week1

How to build a niche website and profit quickly.

So in this post I want to show you how to build a niche website of your own and set it up to start attracting traffic and making sales or commissions.

You have to think about this slightly differently as it’s not like setting up a general hobby website or a website in a broad niche like how to lose weight.

This is going to be very specific and targeted, and the training will show you how to build a niche website properly from the ground up so that it will be an asset that you can either keep as an income generator, or sell it on for a tidy lump sum.

Avoid overload.

The training is in spread over 4 videos, each about 1-hour in length. There’s a lot to go through in order to do this properly so I don’t want you to be overloaded.

The idea is that in each training session you receive sufficient information to go away and take action. Whether that’s research or building your site.

It doesn’t matter because you are shown exactly what to do.

What does this training consist of?

The video training is an over the shoulder step by step tutorial hosted by the training manager at Wealthy Affiliate, the premier hosting, training and business building site.

In the first session you will discover:

Researching a niche and keywords that profit

Researching suitable high converting affiliate programs and competition.

Live niche selection.

Purchasing a domain name that maximises interest and discover ability.


Who is this for?

Online affiliate marketingThis is for anybody who wants to learn the quickest way to start earning money online.

So whether you’re completely new to making money on line, or you’ve been around a while, it doesn’t matter.

This training will take you from zero over 4 sessions and nothing will be left out.

Best of all this is totally FREE and you will get all of the training (not 90% and then have to pay for the all important final bit)

Why is this available?

There’s far too much out of date and dangerously inaccurate rubbish out there. At Wealthy Affiliate we want to show you what you can achieve with out it costing any money.

There’s no catches, no credit card information required, no opt-in. Just pure education.

Enjoy and please leave any comments below.



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