How To Build a Monetized Website – Part 3

How to build your first monetized niche website.


Online affiliate marketingThere’s more to making money on the internet than throwing up a website and hoping it’ll attract visitors.

In this 4-part series, Jay (training manager from WA ) is going to take you through a step by step over the shoulder live case study in how to set up a niche website that will earn you sales commissions.

If you are new to websites and internet marketing then this training will lift the lid on how to get started and earning your first money.

If you have been trying to get started but feel frustrated at your lack of progress, then this training will put you right on track for setting up your business properly and earning those all important affiliate commissions.

Even if you’ve been around a while but not quite sure how to move things forwards, then this bang up to date training from Jay will set you straight.

Let’s carry on with Week 3.

If you haven’t watched any of the previous weeks, you can watch them here now. (and I suggest that you do)

Get WEEK 1 Training HERE

Get WEEK 2 Training HERE


Recap of week 2

What Jay Did Between the Week

Optimize the Pages/Posts for Search (SEO)

Add Some Links (Internal, External, Incoming)

Adding Profit Elements to the Site

Q & A