How do I get a domain name for my business

So the question often asked is how do I get a domain name for my business?

If you have a business or are considering starting one then you need to consider a website and a domain name for that business.

Ideally your domain name should reflect the type of business you are involved in, or a derivative of it if your ideal domain name isn’t available.

For example you might run a flower shop called Petals. Ideally it would be nice if your website was also called Petals. However, I would imagine that domain name was taken a long time ago and probably in all its available forms (i.e. com, .net, etc.etc.).

Be creative when deciding on how to get a domain name

Therefore you might want to consider derivatives of it such as using your name or your location such as Petra’s Petals or Pickensville Petals for example.

In fact, you might want to try out this handy little tool from the platform that I use to both source my domains and host my websites.

It makes choosing domains FREE and FUN. Not only that but you can host and build your site for free to see what it will look like.

Following on from there I’ve attached a link to a training module within the Wealthy Affiliate platform where one of the founders, Kyle, walks you step by step through the process of choosing a domain name and getting it registered.

It’s really great training and explains exactly the process.

Get Access Here

Enjoy, and please ask any questions or post comments below.

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