How to Find a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Niche by Solving a Problem.

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Further to the last training on how to find a profitable affiliate marketing niche (5-Top Passion Niches), in this training we are going to look a 5 more top Evergreen Niches, but this time in the Pain or Problem markets.

We discussed how you go about qualifying a Profitable Affiliate Niche Market, the top Three Identifiers you needed to have in place to reasonably ensure success with the venture, and some of the tools required to take the guesswork out of Keyword Identification and Selection.

Plan For Success

The biggest and most common mistake I see affiliate marketers make (including myself from time to time) is putting the cart before the horse.

In other words, falling in love with a product or service and then trying to promote it without researching if people actually want it, or considering its longevity (shelf life).

I’m going to repeat it again because it’s so crucially important to the success of any online promotion or business venture. PLAN FOR SUCCESS and use the top 3 success identifiers.

The Top Three Success Identifiers

> 1.) Is It Evergreen?

> 2.) Does It feed a Passion?

> 3.) Does it Solve a Problem/Pain?

So what do we mean by Evergreen?

An evergreen product or service is one that is in demand and being sought after 365 days a year and year in/year out.

It’s one that would potentially keep earning you residual income into old age and maybe beyond.

Get a few evergreen websites up and running and you could be laughing all the way to the beach!

Does it feed a Passion?

Next you have to evaluate whether your offer feeds a desire or passion.

People will always find the money for what they want, and less so for what they need.

If your offer speaks to their passion, is easy to obtain and priced at a point where they don’t have to stop and consider it, then it will sell all day long.

Does it solve a Problem or take away a Pain?

The flip side of the same coin is solving people’s problems or pains.

Woman with head pain.

Pain may not necessarily be physical pain, it might be a problem that’s a pain in the rear end, but it’s still causing anxiety or angst.

People want immediate solutions and fixes to problems that are blighting their lives, and yes it can include physical pain.

One of the most Evergreen products on the internet is an e-book written by an elderly lady who managed to cure her crippling arthritis naturally without anti-inflammatory drugs and pain killers.

It was based on her own experience through trial and error and she decided to share the secrets with other sufferers.

That book made her extremely wealthy and is still a top internet seller today.

Quickly going back to the passion market. This includes hobbies which are clearly people’s passions.

Again, one of the longest running best-sellers in the hobby market (and even back in mail order days from magazine adverts – pre-internet) is Shed Plans…

The woodwork hobby market is huge and passionate. And Shed Plans along with Chicken Coop plans have always been up there with the best-sellers.

In fact, one of the longest running sellers on Clickbank is a product called Ted’s Woodworking. Check it out. These days it’s a nice polished product and a great affiliate offer if you’re in the DIY, Hobby, Woodworking, Home renovation niche.

Problems and Pain.

So getting back to the purpose of this article. Here are 5 great examples of Problem Niches that will keep you busy.

1). Dating

Dating and finding a partner can be a real problem and an obsession for a lot of people.
In itself it is a massive market that would drown any new starter who just tried to pitch in there with a general catch-all dating site.

However, the good news is that it niches down perfectly and is one of the most Evergreen markets you will come across.

After all, love, relationship and sex are among the basic human necessities, along with food, water and shelter.

Niching it down could involve areas such as:-

How to find a man

How to find a woman.

How to get laid even if you look like a goat!

Relationships for baby boomers.

Finding a partner over 50.

How to chat up girls.

How to win your boyfriend back.

The list is absolutely endless, and I’m sure you get the message.

2). Weight Loss

Weight loss is so huge that it can’t be classed as a niche. it’s actually a Mega Market.

But again it can be fantastically niched down.

Just a few ideas that trip off the old grey matter might include:-

Weight loss after a baby.

Weight loss to conceive.

Weight loss for a better sex life.

Weight loss following a heart attack.

Weight loss for men to prevent a heart attack.

Weight loss to cure erectile dysfunction.

Weight loss for surgery.

There’s literally thousands of reasons why people would want to lose weight or are desperate to lose weight.

Then there are reasons why people would want to gain weight.

Weight gain to improve a physique.

Weight gain for confidence.

Weight gain after illness.

Weight gain to get a girlfriend.

My skinny body makes me the laughingstock at the beach/pool/hot tub party.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of products to promote in the weight loss/weight gain market from e-books, videos, fitness programs, pills, supplements, vitamins.

Again the list is endless.

3.) Make Money.

The make money market can be both a passion and a problem.

In a survey where people asked what do they most want now, the resounding response was ‘More Money’

Tapping into the Problem or Pain market might include >>

Getting out of debt

Job Loss

Business foreclosure.

Losing a home.

Paying off a student loan.

Financial difficulties after losing a partner.

Similarly, it could also include.

How to trade Forex.

How to Trade Bit Coin

How to make money online.

This is all still information that people are itching to get their hands on to solve a problem. And the best part is they want it now, which means they are willing to pay for it.

4.) Health and Wellbeing.

You might say that there is a crossover with Health and Wellbeing and the Weight Loss niche, and there is in many respects.

However, this is another Mega Niche that will never slow down.

This niche breaks down into literally thousands of sub-niches of desperate people.

As a very small example, consider this.

Acne has ruined my life (Teenage and adult acne)

Bladder control (Loss of)

Erectile Dysfunction

Painful Sex



Addictive substances.

Healthy lifestyle for an aging population.

Teeth Whitening

Scars and skin disorders

I think you’re possibly getting the picture. Think of any affliction that people are suffering and there is a market and affiliate products for it.

5.) Self Improvement/ Self Help.

Closely related to Health and Wellbeing but another Mega Niche in its own right.

Loaded with books, courses, videos, seminars, coaching and online training, this is a massive $10 Billion dollar a year with no sign of slowing down.

Whether you want to build self-esteem, coach career success, increase a client’s confidence, set and achieve goals or overcome adversity, there’s self-help affiliate products out there offering a generous commission.
This is a massive repeat purchase market, as once people start to feel relaxed, more energized, or stress free, they want to experience more.

Areas to niche into might include >

Career Improvement.

Confidence Coaching

Life Satisfaction

Remove Life Obstacles and Stumbling Blocks.



I hope this article has given you a taste of what you can achieve with problem niches. And remember, people looking for solutions to problems are general quick decision makers when it comes to spending money on solving their problem.

As ever, I’m here to help.

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.

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