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What I want to bring to your attention with my Wealthy Affiliates Review is the phenomenal success and growth of Wealthy Affiliate as a training and hosting platform.

The business started back in 2005 with the two founders Kyle and Carson, and it started as a keyword research business.

People signed up and every month got a list of keywords and the results delivered to them that had been researched by Kyle and Carson. People could then use those keywords to write articles, build websites and sell affiliate products.

Fast forward 12 years and the business is an exciting and vibrant platform that has thousands of members hosting websites on it’s state of the art web hosting platform where you can build a website and have it up and running in less than  30 seconds.

There is even the option of building a website for free and having it hosted for free, which is a great place for anybody new or unsure to start.

Their training portal is one of the best in the industry and teaches people how to go from absolute Zero in the online world to having very successful on-line business’s.

In fact, here’s a demonstration of it. View lesson 1 below.


Training with Wealthy Affiliate


There are plenty of review sites online for Wealthy Affiliate including the usual scam type sites, in fact you can read my review of the Wealthy Affiliate on-line University here.

However, this year WA has reached a milestone for any online business. In 2017 they are celebrating their 12th anniversary of being in business which is an achievement for any business, especially one in the make money on line niche.

In a frank interview with co-founder Kyle, he was asked what the success of the business was down to.

He made it very clear that WA owes all it’s success to educating people within it’s community in the right methods of starting and building an online business, the awesome supportive community they have inside WA and being consistent with what works and what has always worked.

And in case you’re wondering what that is, it starts and always has started with great keyword research and the correct tools to do it with, followed by engaging and relevant content that Google wants to deliver to it’s users.

That way, your pages, posts and website will climb to the first page on the search engines, your site will get more traffic enabling you to sell more of your goods and services.

You can read Kyle’s post here on the future of Wealthy Affiliate, the changes that have taken place as the company has grown, and the exciting changes for the future that should make it a whole lot easier for anybody to start an online business.

So, Congratulations Wealthy Affiliate on your 12th Anniversary of helping people on line, and here’s to the next 12.


Wealthy Affiliate 12th anniversary

4 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliates Review”

  1. I’ve heard of Wealthy affiliate but never really checked it out.

    12 years in the business must be worth taking seriously.

    Thanks for the update

    • Yes. In the world of online marketing it’s an incredible achievement.

      Thousands of members, a massive community and a great training platform.

      You can start free of charge. There’s no credit card required or any other form of payment and you can build and host 2 websites.

      Take a look here if you want to know more >>> Wealthy Affiliate FREE Account

    • You’ve every right to be wary Daid. You need to do your due diligence and decide whether something is a good fit for you or not.
      Sometimes even the best systems in the world don’t resonate with everybody, and if it doesn’t feel good it doesn’t feel good.

      The main thing about Wealthy Affiliate though is that you can try it completely free for as long as you like. No credit card or anything.

      They allow you to build and host two websites and take part in the first level training. Then when you feel you want more you can subscribe monthly or get a discount for yearly membership and access everything.

      You can check it out here. >>> WA. FREE ACCOUNT. FIND OUT MORE


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