What Are Keywords For In The Search Engines?

Understanding Keyword Research

If you’re new to internet marketing, one question that keeps being asked is what are keywords for in the search engines?

In other words, what is their purpose and what do they achieve?

Most internet marketers and bloggers think they know all there is to know about the importance of keywords and how to find them.

In reality the whole concept of finding keywords is a mix of intuitiveness, dogged research, good technology and correct training.

Unfortunately, many would be marketers think this “keyword stuff” can be easily self taught, and while this may be true, it takes a long time to learn it to a depth that’s useful. Plus it’s all too easy to learn old and outdated methods.

Although that might sound a little scary, a lot like hard work and somewhat disheartening, there are some great training platforms out there with unbelievable technology built in. And once you understand how it all fits together, the job of keyword research becomes a breeze and a very lucrative source of income.

More on that later though. For now lets dive a little deeper.

Congratulations – You’re Hired!!

From this point on you’ve just got yourself a new job!

This is your job description.

Your job is to put your website or offer in front of the people who are searching for terms and phrases within your niche. You will do this by learning what keywords or phrases people are searching for on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and determine which keywords or phrases would be easy to rank for on the search engines.

This is your salary.

As much as you possibly want to earn. Following a probationary learning curve the job comes complete with an amazing lifestyle, fantastic vacations, top of the range vehicles and a life free of financial worry and time constraint.

Sounds easy doesn’t it?

On the face of it, yes it looks dead easy. That’s all you need to do. No more, No less. Just put your offer in front of people who are searching on keywords related to your niche.

There’s actually no need to make it any more complicated than that, but unfortunately people do. Especially the training providers who want to sell you shiny push button traffic courses.

Even people themselves make it more complicated than it is because they can’t accept how simple it can be with the right training and right tools.

Introduction to Keywords

In this training I am going to introduce you to the following concepts.

1 – What to look for in quality keywords.

2 – Understanding competition v’s traffic.

3 – Finding absolute gems with a system known as the ‘Alphabet Soup Technique’

4 – Building and establishing a goldmine of keyword lists.

5 – How to use the same system that I use for mining keywords (free version available) Yes FREE is always in the budget!

And all this training and more is contained within the free video hosted by my trainer friend and internet coach, Jay over at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is 100% free training, as is all the training on my website.

Further, there is no sales pitch at the end. You Will Not Be Sold To…

My purpose is to educate and guide people so that they are informed enough to avoid the scams and make up their own minds.

Fair Enough?

Access The Training Here

Keyword Research Can Be Very Lucrative

P.S. I mentioned earlier that becoming proficient at keyword research can be very lucrative. Once you’ve mastered the art of mining keywords by using the right tools, and proved yourself by ranking your own websites pages and posts on Google, you can then make money in numerous ways, including:

  • Ranking keywords for selling affiliate products and programs.
  • Ranking keywords that will sell your own products and programs.
  • Compiling lists of hot keywords to sell on a membership site (recurring income).
  • Selling your services to local business desperate to get on the front page of google.
  • Selling your services to corporations and multi-nationals (huge paydays)

And these are just a few ways you can make money by understanding the correct way to throw up hot keywords that people are searching on.

For now though I hope you enjoy the training and get value from it.

Lookout for more great training to move your business forwards.

All the best.


PPS.Try Jaaxy, the amazing keyword research tool for FREE. Type in an idea that you’d like keywords for below and see what pops up….

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